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New Tech and Features

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Looks like as the platform matures MB will be adding in new features to satisfy and attract Generation Why even better.

Internet will some become a staple in the CLA as well as 20 something apps to stay connected. Connected to what I don't know, but you'll be able to ;)

The new Mercedes CLA-Class will feature everything from wearable devices with real-time vehicle data, predictive technology that adapts to your driving habits and cars that will even drive themselves. Mercedes tells us we’ll soon be able to interact with a Mercedes-Benz like never before. And it’s all coming for a new generation of CLA buyers.
they're also working on a predictive UI that will do everything from suggest restaurants based on previous inputs, the number of passengers you're carrying as well as the day of the week. Additionally the UI will know all your preferences, things like what ambient temperature gets you to engage the heated seats.

Also MB is focusing on wearable tech in the car, like google glass and Pebble smart watches....

Is any of this really important or is this simply change for changes sake?

Entry-level CLA-Class coming soon with remarkable technologies [video] - Torque News
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Most car companies are rolling out internet to all their vehicles in the near future. It has its uses at the moment, but I think that it is being done more so to prepare for when cars are communicating with other cars and infrastructure. That shouldn't be too far off now, and Benz is trying to be at the forefront of this technology.
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