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Mercedes just put up the official US sales brochure for the CLA. Its very visual as we know most americans cant actually read...

No one ever asks “Where do you
see yourself five minutes from
now?” We focus so much on our
long‑term goals that we tend to
forget the value of here and now.
But when you think about it, here
is not a destination, and now is
but a single frame in the moving
picture of life. When Karl Benz
invented the automobile in1886,
he couldn’t have predicted what
the world would be like128 years
later. But through his imagination
and hard work then, he altered
the course that took us to now — 
and turned dreams into a better
reality. While Mercedes‑Benz
continues to drive the future of
the car, its owners get to drive
the car of the future — and do so
while reveling in the here and
now. With its one‑of‑a‑kind style,
first‑of‑their‑kind innovations
and ahead‑of‑its‑class safety, the
2014 CLA is something entirely
new in its price class. Yet in soul
and substance, it’s what every
Mercedes‑Benz has always been.
It’s a dream car, for sure. But one
you can see yourself in,right now.
Link to CLA Brochure
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