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On The Fence...

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Well I really do like the CLA but I still haven't pulled the trigger yet...but to make this decision harder...the new 2015 C-Class is just around the corner. If they weren't re-doing the C-Class then I would go with the CLA easily...but I must admit that C-Class is here I sit....sleepless in Las Vegas...:confused:
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The C-Class and the CLA-Class are two very different cars so it all depends on what's important to you. Some major differences: FWD/RWD. Yes, both will have 4MATIC options but the CLA will be FWD until there's slipping. C will be RWD until slipping. The CLA will have much better fuel economy. Since this will be your daily driver, depending on your commute this may be a huge factor. Size. The C will have a much more comfortable back seat. If it's just going to be you and your wife in the car most of the time then having a small back seat isn't a factor. But if you plan to shuttle people around (adults) often then the C will be better. Price. The '15 C will cost a lot more than a CLA when equally equipped. If you're looking for uniqueness then it's the CLA hands down. The C-Class is like the Camry of Mercedes. There's tons of them around and yours will just get lost in the mix.
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Personally I like the current more aggressive look of the C-class now than the upcoming C-class. If I was in the market for a regular Merc, I'd wait for the new C and then buy the old C on the cheap. I don't buy cars for resale value, so that factors little in my mind. I suspect though, that when the new C comes out, to get a well loaded one you're probably going to be into the current E prices. By that light, if you need space in the back, it may be better to wait for 2015 and buy a 2014 E on the cheap.
Those are excellent points. This is just me but I don't see how anyone can compare the CLA-Class to the 2015 C-Class. That makes as much sense and comparing a C-Class to an E-Class but I haven't seen anyone doing that and that comparison actually makes more sense to me. I'm not knocking anyone here for making those comparisons because, again, it is just my own simple minded opinion. Maybe I'm just short sighted or I'm missing a link between the two but I just don't see them as similiar cars. Looks, price, size, chasis, driving dynamics, and engine choices are all very different.
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