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On The Fence...

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Well I really do like the CLA but I still haven't pulled the trigger yet...but to make this decision harder...the new 2015 C-Class is just around the corner. If they weren't re-doing the C-Class then I would go with the CLA easily...but I must admit that C-Class is here I sit....sleepless in Las Vegas...:confused:
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The 2015 C class is going to be larger than the current C class from my understanding and a bit more upscale due to the introduction of the CLA as the entry level Merc.

How tall are your friends, and would you be doing very long drives with them in the car?

I've taken the guys in my office out for lunch, 6 foot tall fellow in the passenger seat with a 6'3" tall fellow behind him. Only really issue was the head room there.

Did have issues with a taller man behind the driver seat, leg room became an issue.

But then I'll never be back there myself, so stuff it. They can suffer, as long as I look good in my CLA.
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