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Parli Italiano? Italian CLA Ipad App Out

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Itunes has released an ipad app about the Mercedes CLA. It's in Italian, but you can configure your own colors and wheels.

Nuovo CLA - Mercedes-Benz
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I thought Mbusa had an english app for the CLA?
I looked for a CLA app on my ipad but didn't get any results back. I think Mercedes USA will eventually release one. It would be a big miss for them if they didn't. The CLA will attract a lot of young buyers.
I remember during the Toronto Auto show, Mercedes had a CLA virtual app running on ipads. I would have thought it would be released for the apple store already. It was actually really cool. You can move the ipad around to view the interior and exterior of the CLA.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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