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Possible bent rim(s)

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Thanks to the wonderful NJ highways and their ever responsive road repair crew (sarcastic font inserted), I think I might have bent either one or both front rims. I have a set of winter tires mounted to a separate set of rims for winter driving. Earlier this week while driving to work the driver front wheel ran over a pothole covered by standing water. It was around 6:30 AM so it was still dark outside and I was going around 70 mph. It made a pretty loud thud and I cringed. Then a few miles later the same thing happened to the passenger side front wheel. So now when I'm driving a lower speeds (~40 mph) I can feel a wiggling or shimmy of the front wheels. At the time I didn't know exactly what was causing that but knew the potholes had everything to do with it. So I called the dealer yesterday and they said the rim or rims are probably bent. I have an appointment to bring the car in Monday morning to get it checked out. If the rims are bent they can have someone come and fix it. I explained to the service tech that I have a set of winter tires and aftermarket rims on and he said that's no problem. I hope that's the case and not something more serious. I purchased wheel protection from the dealer when I bought the car. I wonder if that covers aftermarket rims. I doubt it but it doesn't hurt to ask when I show up.
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Ah that really sucks!! Do you remember where you were with like mile marker on the road or such, because insurance company will cover it and they will go after the city/county for the money if you have to replace or get fixed as well as alinement .
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