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Possible bent rim(s)

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Thanks to the wonderful NJ highways and their ever responsive road repair crew (sarcastic font inserted), I think I might have bent either one or both front rims. I have a set of winter tires mounted to a separate set of rims for winter driving. Earlier this week while driving to work the driver front wheel ran over a pothole covered by standing water. It was around 6:30 AM so it was still dark outside and I was going around 70 mph. It made a pretty loud thud and I cringed. Then a few miles later the same thing happened to the passenger side front wheel. So now when I'm driving a lower speeds (~40 mph) I can feel a wiggling or shimmy of the front wheels. At the time I didn't know exactly what was causing that but knew the potholes had everything to do with it. So I called the dealer yesterday and they said the rim or rims are probably bent. I have an appointment to bring the car in Monday morning to get it checked out. If the rims are bent they can have someone come and fix it. I explained to the service tech that I have a set of winter tires and aftermarket rims on and he said that's no problem. I hope that's the case and not something more serious. I purchased wheel protection from the dealer when I bought the car. I wonder if that covers aftermarket rims. I doubt it but it doesn't hurt to ask when I show up.
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Tony. Check with your local Toyota dealership on their new wheel &tire program. It's really a good program ! 5 years wheel replacement. Cosmetic repairs. Tire replacement, no patches for any road hazard. Includes paint less ding and dent repairs, and windshield star and chip repairs. All for 5 years, ZERO Co-pay. Unlimited repairs for 5 years. Best plan I've seen yet! Retails for 795.00 on Toyota's. Can check on your 250 if u like. :)

I'm in CA. Might be able to write for you ??
Oops. Didn't see your last post above mine.

I will see if I can write these Toyota policy's if anyone's interested.
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