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problem ordering

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Has anyone had any trouble with putting in there order with these two packages

My dealer called me the other day and he said getting the NIght Styling package and 19 in rims black spoked will night go through

he tried to configer the car with these two things and it would let him do it.

He is going to make some calls and get back to me but it is just plan stupid if it doesnt go through. i want both of these things with my car and will feel like i have been shorted if i dont get ithem both.

i am paying for a 60 thousand dollar car i want it the way i want it
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no one else

Anyone else come across this ?????
dont think

dont think this is from the delay. configering the car is for ordering. it just wont let him put these two packages together

nobody has had anything like this????? any body else trying to get these two packages and have a problem..... what to do?
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