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A lot of great things in the CLA45 AMG from QNX

Anyone who argues that automobiles are lagging behind when it comes to technology will be blown away by these two cars from QNX, which are on display at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.


QNX, which provides infotainment solutions for a several automakers, prepared two cars to showcase the latest in-car technology advancements. Previewing the next three to five years of automotive innovation and in-car entertainment, the Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG that QNX introduced has several extensive modifications, including a 21-inch by seven-inch touch screen that spans much of the dash.

Powered by QNX’s infotainment platform, the CLA 45 uses a natural speech recognition system, meaning that drivers won’t have to memorize a bunch of voice commands – instead they can speak to the car like iPhone users do with Siri.

Mobile cell phone apps found on Android will even be usable on the QNX system, as the software now supports Android 4.3 Jelly Bean applications, including iHeartRadio.

QNX includes an HTML app that can unlock the car, control the windows and even the stereo.

QNX_concept_car_Mercedes_CLA45_home_screen.jpgIn terms of navigation features, QNX is showing its platforms compatibility with a number of map engines.

Rear seat passengers will be able to interact with the infotainment system too, thanks to impressive integration with mobile devices. The QNX system allows tablet users to add songs to the current playlist. When it comes to road-trips, QNX is even going to answer the unstoppable barrage of “Are we there yet?” with an app that shows off the current progress of the trip.

When it comes to chatting, QNX is also demoing its about its fullband stereo telephone calling allowing for the best possible call quality,

QNX_concept_car_Mercedes_CLA45_digital_instrument_cluster.jpgThat fullband stereo calling system will be demonstrated with QNX’s Kia Soul technology concept car, which uses a Kia Soul. QNX’s software also features active noise-cancellation to reduce unwanted engine noise. Alternatively, the car can actually enable engine sound enhancement, which will play back the engine’s noise through the speakers, perfectly matched with the engine’s speed. The car at CES will even include multiple engine noises, so the little Kia Soul could sound like a big thumping V8.

In-car technology has been a tough battle for automakers, as car buyers expect an experience as rich as their smart phones and tablets. With the user experience as rich as what QNX is showcasing today, on brand new vehicles, in-car infotainment could finally meet the standards of modern technology.
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