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Anyone else prefer a 2 door coupe version to the 4-door? I admit it does look nicer, if less practical.

After rendering a CLA Shooting Brake, car designer Theophilus Chin has now come up with an imaginary coupe version of this new Mercedes Benz. The CLA is based on the same platform as the new A-Class, which over the years will spawn many different models. One of them could indeed be a CLA Coupe.

That said, one might argue that what is the point of a two-door version of a car that’s been designed as a four-door coupe. If anything, they gave it four doors in the first place to add a bit of practicality. That is a good point, but we think two-door cars are generally cooler, and the **** with practicality! It’s not like the standard CLA is a minivan or something.
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