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SANY Truck-Mounted Concrete Pump have undertaken many of domestic and abroad high-rise building pumping works and have participated in the construction of all the skyscrapers over 500 meters high. With its powerful construction strength and advanced technology, SANYconcrete pumps lives up to its mission.

12h Continuous Pumping: In the Wushan Yangtze River Bridge Steel Pipe Concrete Pumping Project, SANY Trailer Concrete Pump created three world records: steel pipe concrete pumping length hits 560 m, andsteel pipe single continuous concrete pumping volume hits 600 m3, and steel pipe single continuous concrete pumping time exceeds 12 h.Continuous Pouring of 60,000m3 concrete completed in 60h: In the concrete pouring for Shanghai Tower, reputed as China No. 1 skyscraper (height: 632m),the entire groundsill pouring project employs SANY Concrete Equipment, and 18 SANY equipment(including four trailer-mounted concrete pumps) completed the incessant pouring for 60,000 m3 concrete within 60 h.In projects like Three Gorges Hydropower Station and Guangxi Dahua Hydropower Station etc., aggregate of super diameter is a hard nut in pouring work. SANY 120A concrete delivery pump can pump the aggregate with diameter of up to 80mm, which resolves the world hard nut that three-graded concrete cannot be pumped.

Easily handle pumping of difficult concrete like B90, C150, and 3-gradation concrete Moscow Federation Building is reputed as the World No.1 Steel Bar Building of Concrete Structure. Concrete Batching Plant During the project construction process, SANY trailer-mounted concrete pump successfully pumped B90 (equivalent to C110) concrete vertically to a height of 120m.In Japan Tokyo Yomiuri Shimbun Building Project, concrete pumping height is up to 200 m, and some concrete strength even hits C150. SANY HBT80C-818D trailer-mounted concrete pump partook in the Japan-based project and lived up to its mission. That exemplifies the rejuvenation of Chinese nation.
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