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Service light already on and its been less than a week!?

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So I just picked up my CLA edition 1 last week and this morning as Im driving my parents around in it for the first time my yellow check engine light came on.

Has anyone had any experience with this yet?
Unfortunatly I dont have the maintenence package added on yet (my benz manager was kind of a jack *** and never returned my calls when I tried to add it on this week)

Nevermind. It looks like this issue has already been discussed.
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Ace ... what is the status? I bet your issue is part of the software update issue that has plagued the car since launch. Your dealer should have the update in its hands already. My car just arrived at Brunswick, GA Port on Thursday and will be in dealer's lot by Tuesday. Sales Rep advised me they'll perform the software update and get it ready for delivery by Friday. From posts here and other CLA site, the software issue has plagued all cars produced through the last production decade in mid-November.
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