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Service light already on and its been less than a week!?

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So I just picked up my CLA edition 1 last week and this morning as Im driving my parents around in it for the first time my yellow check engine light came on.

Has anyone had any experience with this yet?
Unfortunatly I dont have the maintenence package added on yet (my benz manager was kind of a jack *** and never returned my calls when I tried to add it on this week)

Nevermind. It looks like this issue has already been discussed.
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Car only had like 400 miles on it when the light came on. They said it was a wiring issue. when I went to pick it back up i drove out of the dealership and realized the light was still on so i made a Uturn and dropped it right back off.
They still dont know whats going on.
How many miles do you have on your car? I believe you can still add a maintenance package before your car is due for its first regularly scheduled maintenance. So if your car has less than 5,000 miles (which is when the first scheduled maintenance is due I believe) then you can still get it.
BTW i think the first scheduled maintenance is at 10K miles. I didnt get the maintainence package. Kinda regretting it tho.
Where in Jersey did you get your car Tony?
Actually according to the Maintenance Booklet the first scheduled service is at 5000 miles. It just involves tire rotation but still a scheduled service.
I got mine from prestige in paramus. I didnt know about that tire rotation. Either way I did get the top of the line tire package so I can rock those 18 inch wheels all year. It just sux that i got the car 2 weeks ago and its been at the dealer all of last week because of that stupid check engine light.
What do you mean by top of the line tire package. I wasn't aware there's a tire package also. I thought the standard and only tires you can get on 18" rims are summer tires. What tires do you have?
lol my bad..what i mean by that is the tire package that covers the scratchs and dings on the rims and all the tire issues. its like 40ish extra a month.
Im not sure what tires i have actually..I got the edition 1 but i would think there the same tires as the sports package one.
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