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Does anyone know if the CLA will be coming to us with stop/start technology? I know all the new BMWs are coming with stop start and the A-class has it...

The only reason i ask is because i reallyyyyyy dont like it. I test drove a 3 series earlier this month with stop/start and it was so delayed it was a borderline safety hazard. Waiting to make a left and stopped in the intersection the car cuts power during idle, so after all the heros made thier late yellows im left to make my left turn, foot on the gas, alas, latency! Now jsut as the power kicks back in the light has switched green for oncoming traffic and i need to put my foot through the floor to make it safely across....

BMW owners are howling, and BMW NA sent out a service bulletin to dealers allowing them to disable stop start at the customers request...

Plus i read this morning Hyundai is abandoning the technology becasue of its ineffectiveness....
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I never driven a car with start/stop tech but I have heard bad things about it, just like what you had to say.
I think it's going to dye quickly, especially with hybrid vehicle production stepping up and gasoline engines becoming more fuel efficient. Car makers can still reach the MPG they want to rank high.
To really think about the stop start feature it is nothing new. On paper it sounds promising but in real life it could be annoying with the stop start. I have my hopes in hybrids for achieving the same mileage without the hesitation.
And to add, as the system ages who knows what problems might come up with it. it does control a major function of our vehicles and if that fails or starts to give trouble it will be a big PITA.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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