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Subaru owner who's fallen in love with the CLA

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Hey guys,

So as the titles says I have spent the last 4 years in my 2004 Subaru WRX which has been all of my daily driver, fun weekender, AutoX car and modified project.

I am graduating college in December with my Manufacturing Engineering degree from Penn College in Pennsylvania and am looking for a more "Grown Up" car. Something that says I'm doing well for myself, handles well and isn't going to break my already non existent bank balance :rolleyes:

I have one issue with the CLA, the engine just isn't enough HP. I mean I am not after a 350+ HP monster of a car but even my little WRX is pushing 225 AWHP after mods and the CLA just hitting 208 crank HP, I want to find if there are any known ways to tune this engine up a little (Tactrix cable, tuner, etc).

Current Car:

Mods include:
- TurboXS Downpipe
- TurboXS Race Pipe
- TurboXS CATback
- Cobb AccessPORT OTS Stage II @ 93 Oct. with 2-step
- K&N Typhoon Intake
- TurboXS BOV
- TGV Delete
- BC Racing coilovers
- Kartboy Tranny Mount
- Kartboy Short Shifter
- Rota 17x8 G-Forces's in Hyper Black
w/ Hankook V12's
- Michelin Pilot Alpin PA3's (Winter Tires on OEM wheels)

I mod every vehicle/bike I own, that will never end :rolleyes:
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Welcome scubaru (and love the name).

Its a play on the fact I drive a Subie and I am a certifed Advanced Scuba Diver :D

Welcome to the Mercedes CLA forum, and nice WRX!

I am hopeful that the aftermarket will soon offer us some options to tune the CLA. An ECU tune for more boost and a free-flowing exhaust should do wonders. Or, save your money and trade up to a CLA45 after a while. :D

I too have an engineering background.
I am going to be following the upgrade world for this car, I love my car and I hope to have it a little longer but I want something a little more mature and if I can have the same fun in it as I do my WRX, well thats all that matters.

What kind of engineering?

I would still drive the Subi, those are amazing cars, especially that generation! if you were considering the CLA45 AMG, then that would be a different story
nice WRX.
Love that generation.
I love my car, it needs some work though, its at 130k and with a few runs of AutoX, my style of driving and its age its showing wear. The worse is someone smashed a glass candle on the hood a year ago which destroyed the aluminum/paint; and last week someone keyed the hood. Mix in the corrosion, peeling, scuffs, door dings and everyting else. Maybe a good clean up will do it good, who knows.

The CLA just looks so streamline and modern...such a tough choice.
How much do you suppose you can get for your WRX?
Current Kelly Blue Book is $8,500. Forums, AutoTrader and other sites suggest up to $9,500. Given the body condition I really don't know for sure.

It's an 04 with 132,000 miles, not going to get me much.
im guessing you are going for the 4matic CLA?
I almost have to, AWD for 7 years is hard to leave, lol

welcome aboard Scub, glad to have ya!

As for mods well number one (not yet) will be a turbo tune, simple reflash of the ECU and yo should be able to crack out an extra 50 and 50.. Its only a matter of time before we start seeing new down pipes, intakes and pipes for CLA. Shes so new I wouldn;t expect anything significant until at least the new year...

Yeah I'd expect to see a tune first, and then who doesn't want a little extra rumble, although I'm curious how an inline 4 turboed Benz will sound...

I would also guess so, how can anyone coming from a AWD/4WD setup not continue to have it.

Going from AWD or RWD to FWD is not fun at all.
RWD has its fun, but not the same drive feel as AWD, I can stomp it into a turn and know with my tires and AWD I'll hold all the way through :)

Going from a Subaru to anything that isn't AWD is no fun at all IMO lol

I drove a WRX once for half a year when my friend left for Asia.

he basically gave me the keys and said - dont destroy it. Keep it safe.


All the hooning I did with his car hehehehe.
Haha that's awesome, what year?
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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