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Success! You Will Fit In The Back Of The Mercedes-Benz CLA!

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Good news: You may not be able to fit in the open-top Toyobaru, but you can fit in the new Mercedes-Benz CLA sedan.

I checked that for you using a tall guy sitting in the front. The CLA is not only good-looking and nicely trimmed, but also spacious. That's some great consumer advice right there!

You Will Fit In The Back Of The Mercedes-Benz CLA!
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Being the same size as the Mercedes C-Class that I found to have sufficient space, I expected the CLA to have just as much interior space.

I just wonder how tall that person is sitting in the rear.

Although interior space looks good we need dimensions.
Same. I didn't really think it would be a problem. Just good to know that it won't be an issue thanks to Jalopnik.
Jalopinik is pretty reputable for there opinion but still stating how tall the person in the picture would help. Can't really compare unless your thinking of average and thats not even really stated anywhere. But it is good to know that we are not dealing with dog seats like some other compacts. i remember the specs on the CLA to be similar to the C Class so i wouldnt be too worried.
not a real concern to but if a full sized adult can fit in then my two 13 and 9 year old can fit without an issue. But at least they should tell us how tall that person is sitting in the back and share how much more space there is from his head to the liner.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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