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The CLA Project

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Check this out:
Clicky here
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Yep its been posted before. A very cool video indeed. I am still waiting for the other 3 parts.
Also seen it before, pretty cool how they let a young film maker get behind the wheel of a CLA to make a commercial on it, this might be one of their ways to market the CLA to the younger crowd. I'm also waiting on the other 3 parts, it's been taking them too long to do it
Part 2

Part 2 of 4
Pretty unique video. Just amazing how Mercedes reached out to somebody like that to make a commercial for them. I like the way he did it and showed some of the Mercedes hidden gems and how the CLA is involved.
so was the yellow camouflage that he drove at the Mercedes headquarters the CLA 45 AMG? Didn't sound like it though, to me it sounded like juts the CLA 250. Must be nice to get so much perks from such a big company. If I'm not mistaken this is the first time Mercedes ever put their reputation on the line and hired this type of contractor to film a video for a car that is not yet released to the public.
The yellow and black camo is the AMG version.
Yeaaa~!!!! When is part 3 coming out.

This guy has a very cool way of making videos. I like his style.

I have to admit the CLA looks stunning in that silver.
I'll admit to this guy having a unique style. I think For the CLA Mercedes chose him to be apart of this whole project to shake of the common stereotype that Mercedes gets and make it more friendly to the younger crowd. Good marketing.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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