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Too Young?

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For all the social media buzz and talk about a young generation of Mercedes buyers that will be climbing over each other to get into the CLA, maybe the CLA is being aimed at the wrong demographic...

From recent memory models like the Chevy Sonic, Fiat 500, Ford Fiesta and Kia Soul have all been promoted using social-media and music festival sponsorships with heavy focus on millennials. Funny, the largest buyers of young people cars are seniors or almost. About 42% of "young" cars this year have been purchased by boomers according to the WSJ. As for 18- to 34-year-olds buying new cars, well that number fell to 12% through May '13, down from 17% in 2008, according to registration data again from the WSJ.

Millennials as a segment is nowhere near as big as the boomers. As citizens most millennials in this country are drowning in low-pay jobs (THANK YOU COLLEGE) and choking on student debt, at least in this country...

I just dont see where the money will come from, besides do young people even care about cars? most of thier parents dont, you can tell by the onsalaught of corollas and camrys and other various sexless transportation...

Maybe the CLA would be better positioned as a last mercedes instead of a first mercedes?
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Recession was a wake up call to people.... ACT YOUR WAGE, if the CLA came out before the recession I bet there would be a ton of young people waiting to get it. Now it seems people are less inclined to dump money into a depreciating thing like a car.

MB aimed at the wrong market.
not really. that is why Mercedes released a car like this. To cater to the entry level luxury buyers. Those who don't yet have the money for say a S class but still want some Luxury from a respected brand.

I would say the CLA is an "act your wage" kind of car. Now a S65 AMG.

That is how you go broke in style.
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