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16480 Views 32 Replies 4 Participants Last post by is proud to introduce our Billet Aluminum Blowoff Valve (BOV) Spacer specifically engineered for the Mercedes CLA 250. The spacers were developed in conjunction with Forge Motorsport, and they are only available through That great atmospheric BOV sound is expected from your turbocharged vehicle, except it’s not there on your CLA 250. Specially CNC machined from solid billet aluminum, this spacer gives you that sound you have been looking for. When letting off the throttle you get that sweet and satisfying “whoosh” letting everyone know your CLA 250 is in fact turbocharged. It has been designed to work with the original electrically controlled solenoid and utilizes high quality o-rings for a perfect seal. Our spacer fits the CLA 250, GLA 250, and A 250!

Mercedes equipped the CLA 250 with a recirculating style BOV, which allows the charge air to be routed around the turbocharger from the boost side back to the intake side. The downside to this style of system is it recirculates the hot air back into the intake side of the turbo, increasing temperatures. When equipping a vehicle with a spacer like ours, it helps remedy this issue.

This great solution for open air venting comes in an exclusive kit only from us and includes everything you will need for the install. We supply three new cap head hex bolts as well as a ball end hex key; no need to go digging through the top drawer of your tool box. The special ball end key helps with replacement of the hardware, allowing you to access the bolts from a better angle with more room.

Here are some pictures of the spacer, hardware, and hex key; everything you see is included. We are going to have an installation video (in real time), showing everyone how easy it really is to install this in your CLA 250. Feel free to check out our other upgrades for the Mercedes CLA on our website and stay tuned for more great bolt-on performance parts from!

The spacer is available on our site and is priced at $95.00 plus shipping.
We are looking forward to getting these in the hands of customers for feedback, reviews, videos, and more!

CLA 250 Blow Off Valve (BOV) Spacer for 2014-2015 Mercedes-Benz CLA 250 - C117 - GLA 250 - FMSPCL250 | On Sale: $95.00

Here’s a sound comparison sound clip on our R&D vehicle:

Here we install one in less than 6 minutes:

Check out the pictures here:

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14... 13... and the first two went out today!
Thanks for all the orders, we just processed 3 this morning!
Looking at this and the Carlsson C-Tronic? We have 3 tuners left in stock and anyone ordering one gets our BOV spacer for free! It was just released and you can check them out here!:

Mercedes-Benz CLA 250 - C117 Performance Parts and Turbos |
Looks interesting. Waiting for the install video.
Looks interesting. Waiting for the install video.
We are working on the video but we have installation instructions in PDF form. If you would like we can send you them via e-mail.
Tonyride thanks for your order!
We have been getting lots of messages from everyone regarding the free shipping not being reflected on their invoice. Shipping is calculated by default in the shopping cart, however as accounting processes each order only $95.00 is captured.

Our initial production run is pretty much sold out, we only have a couple left as of this morning. We would really love to hear everyone's feedback on the spacers; both the good and the bad. Thanks for all the orders and Happy Holidays!
Installed it today in about 10 minutes. Can't wait to take it out for a spin.
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Here we install one in less than 6 minutes:
We just sold our last one (from our initial production run) earlier this week. We hope to have our next run in after the Holidays. We will be sure to let everyone know when they are back in stock. You can still place an order and get on the list, once we get them in anyone who has ordered will get theirs right away! Oh we forgot, Happy Holidays everyone!
I can't find how much postage is to Australia? Tried checking your website but got sick of all the stupid ads that you have.
I can't find how much postage is to Australia? Tried checking your website but got sick of all the stupid ads that you have.
Mr Marko, we are going to shoot a PM your way. Thanks.

Happy New Year everyone, here's to 2015!
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We just confirmed fitment on an A 250!
The pre-order list is getting longer by the day, order now to see how many we can ship out (on the first day) when we get our next production run in!
The pre-orders for our next production run have been pouring in... Happy Friday everyone!
We are proud to confirm fitment on the Mercedes Benz CLA180!
Big thanks to Omar who shot this video of our Billet BOV Spacer on his A250!
We have tracking from the machine shop, they will be here Wed 02/11, get your orders in now before they sell out again!
Look what came in today... If you have an order in it will be going right out, if you place an order it will ship fast! A little eye candy for everyone:

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