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The H&R springs have been on my CLA for over two months now. But about three weeks ago, I had the installer put back my Mercedes sports springs in the rear suspension because the H&R springs were making lots of creaking noises going over bumps and ruts.
Complained to H&R, and they said for the CLA, customers have complained about this, and their general fix is to provide rubber tubing to slide on the coils in the spring to allow for settling in of the new springs. But they can stay on without the need to remove if desired.
So I just had my installer put it on for me, and the creaking noise is now pretty much gone. The ride is much better and stiffer than the Mercedes stock springs but would not be considered harsh.
Happy to see the reduction of the wheel gap again, the factory springs left a noticeable gap. Now the rear is precisely slightly less than a 1.5 index finger gap.
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