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So I was trying to figure out how to get my contacts on the car as well as music (beside the obvious Bluetooth and jack). I tried desperately connecting my iPhone 5 to the car, sending the contacts to via Bluetooth, and even tried to hook up my IPod! But nothing :mad:, so I decided to invest on a small USB (bought mine at target for 7.99 at 8 GB) and I worked tirelessly last night to upload the contacts and songs. Here is what I found out:

For songs:
CLA only takes .m4a (tried mp3 and mp4).
DO NOT PUT SONGS IN FOLDERS! It makes your life a living hell to move it around.
Do not encrypt the USB or the songs. It won't play.

For contacts:
If you have an apple product, open the contacts and export it. Then save it on the USB.

After 2 hours, I can say I managed to make it work! Now I won't have to worry about trying to figure out who is calling me or why my iPhone isn't properly hooking up to my car.

Side note: there is a boost and standard on the music for Bluetooth songs. You can tell the only different is the treble.
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