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Use VVDI MB Tool to Calculate Benz W906 Password

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This article will share how to use VVDI MB Tool to calculate Benz W906 password with EIS ESL Testing cable.
What you need:

Benz W906
EIS ESL Testing cable
Steps of calculating password:
1.Connect VVDI MB Tool with Benz W906 and EIS ESL Testing cable.
2.Click “VVDI MB Tool” button>> “Read EIS data”>>“Password Calculation”>>“W906”>>“Data Acquisition”.
3.Insert working key into Benz W906, then press “OK”.
4.Take working key out of Benz W906, and press “OK”.
5.Repeat step 3.
6.Insert working key to VVDI MB Tool, and press “OK”.
7.Repeat step 3 again.
8.Repeat step 6.
9.When reading data is finished, save the data. Then click “Upload data” to upload the saved data.
10.When uploading data is finished, click “OK”.
11.Click “Query result”>> “Yes”, then auto fresh will be started.
12.When the password has been calculated successfully, save it.
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