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Ok... I feel like an idiot asking this but... has anyone gotten this message before?

I was just driving and suddenly I felt the car slow down as if it someone slightly applied the break or gears shifted. I looked at the dash and it read something like "Unable to reverse or cannot go in reverse mode, service required". And they were right. I parked. Turned the engine off then back on. Tried to put it in reverse and nothing. Then, after a few hours I restarted and was able to reverse again. This happened to me once before and same thing. I must have cleared something after shutting if off and restarting?

Or... I'm thinking maybe I hit the manual shifters by mistake while driving? Would that do it?

Re-edit: Ok... happened again last night. Pretty sure I didn't touch anything this time. I slowly applied the break before pulling into my driveway and the message came up again. I'm calling on Monday to bring it in. I'd still like to know if anyone has had this problem? Took a photo this time of the error message.
I had the same error last month. I sent the car to Mercedes and they changed speedshift oil and filter. The problem has not been repeated.
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