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Weird transmission question.....

A few years ago I brought back from Japan a car that has its steering wheel on the right side (like in England), The flashers signal arm also is on the right side and the wipers is on the left, opposite from a North American car (flashers on the left, wipers on the right, in general).

The problem, when I drive in my North American car, I often try to put on my signals and without thinking end up turning on the wipers instead (makes my wife laugh at me) but that's not the problem... a few more lines.

On the CLA, the steering's right side arm controls the transmission. Now, here is the question and I guess the problem. While on the road, if you hit the right side arm, is there a mechanism that stops you from going from D drive to R reverse if you hit the transmission arm by accident?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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