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What can you buy for around $35k-$45k?

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I just priced out the CLA 4Matic to about $44,000 USD. Most would say "WELL WHY BUY A CLA? THAT PUTS IT IN THE WAY OF MANY OTHER CARS?!"

So let's take a look ;);)

New Cars Priced $35k-$45k in the US Market

Acura TL
Base MSRP: $35,605 - $45,085
Invoice: $33,132 - $41,825

Audi A5
Base MSRP: $37,850 - $45,450
Invoice: $35,201 - $42,269

Audi A6
Base MSRP: $42,200 - $50,400
Invoice: $39,246 - $46,872

Audi Q5
Base MSRP: $35,900 - $43,900
Invoice: $33,388 - $40,82

Audi TT
Base MSRP: $38,650 - $56,850
Invoice: $35,945 - $52,871

BMW 3 Series Coupe & Convertible
Base MSRP: $38,700 - $60,800
Invoice: $35,605 - $55,935

Buick Enclave
Base MSRP: $38,445 - $47,625
Invoice: $36,523 - $45,244

Cadillac CTS Sedan and CTS Coupe
Base MSRP: $39,095 - $50,190 (sedan)
Invoice: $36,945 - $47,430

Base MSRP: $38,905 - $50,050 (coupe)
Invoice: $36,765 - $46,797

Cadillac XTS
Base MSRP: $44,075 - $60,385
Invoice: $41,651 - $57,064

Infiniti G37 Coupe
Base MSRP: $37,600 - $51,250
Invoice: $34,833 - $40,560

Lexus ES350
Base MSRP: $36,100 - $38,850
Invoice: $33,815 - $36,393

Lexus IS250
Base MSRP: $35,065 - $37,525
Invoice: $32,611 - $34,898

Lexus IS350
Base MSRP: $40,320 - $42,780
Invoice: $37,496 - $39,787

Lincoln MKS
Base MSRP: $42,810 - $49,800
Invoice: $40,241 - $46,812

Volvo S80
Base MSRP: $39,150 - $43,150
Invoice: $36,801 - $40,561

I am sure I missed a bunch of others. What else? :D
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Are German Cars Reliable? The Myth of “German Engineering” | News

Mercedes-Benz only gets a four out of five, which is “Better than most” rating, while Audi and BMW get 3/5 or “About Average.” Volkswagen falls below average with 2/5, what J.D. Power describes as “The Rest.” Porsche is also ranked “Better than most” in J.D. Power’s dependability survey, which give Mercedes-Benz some nice company. It’s important to note that only one car maker had a score of 5/5, and that’s Lexus. Nothing changes in J.D. Power’s Initial Quality rankings. Mercedes and Porsche have 4/5 ratings, BMW and Audi get just 3/5 and VW only achieves 2/5. Lexus tops that ranking as well with a 5/5.
The J.D. Power ratings are based on consumer surveys. Initial Quality is measured after 90 days of a new car’s purchase. Vehicle Dependability Ratings are surveys based on the past 12 months of original owners of three-year old cars.

Personally I believe Mercedes is the most reliable. I've worked at a Mercedes dealership doing apprenticeship for about a year and I'd say their cars are generally reliable. I hear many horror stories about Audis and BMWs.
This is a BS study JMHO. The important measurement is cost of ownership. I know from personal experience that the Mercedes is off the chart. Never own a Mercedes if it is not under warranty. I have a Lexus LX470 with over 100k miles, which means it is just broken in. Normal for the LX470 is 400-500k miles with just normal service, and that service cost is reasonable since you can get it done at a Toyota dealership. Honda/Acura is another cheap car to own and you don't need a warranty to sleep at night. I've owned 3 Mercedes SL's 380, 500, and a 550. Also owned a CL550 and a CLS63 AMG with the performance package. Normal is $500 oil/filter changes, brake job required on my CLS 63 after 9k miles cost over $2000 and that was just for the front brakes. My son in law had a 2007 S550 with around 60k miles on it and I could of bought it for a great price. Based on what I know about the cost to keep a Mercedes on the road I would not touch it with a 10 foot pole.
Thats also why you see so many 5+ year old Mercedes Benz vehicles sitting on used car lots. People who have figured them out know to get rid of them before the warranty is up, or else they'll have to shell out thousands just to fix it.

Reason why so many stay away from german vehicles.

What year is your Lexus?

I know a friend with a 1992 Lexus LS400 that has 700k miles on it and still runs amazingly well, those cars were built like tanks!
Mine is a 2005 LX470 with about 115k miles so far. These 100 Series are designed for a 25 year life cycle. Example the 4.7 liter engine puts out 235 HP. No stress at all :). It weighs around 5800 lbs and is about the size of a Ford Explore. Your right built like a tank.
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