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What can you buy for around $35k-$45k?

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I just priced out the CLA 4Matic to about $44,000 USD. Most would say "WELL WHY BUY A CLA? THAT PUTS IT IN THE WAY OF MANY OTHER CARS?!"

So let's take a look ;);)

New Cars Priced $35k-$45k in the US Market

Acura TL
Base MSRP: $35,605 - $45,085
Invoice: $33,132 - $41,825

Audi A5
Base MSRP: $37,850 - $45,450
Invoice: $35,201 - $42,269

Audi A6
Base MSRP: $42,200 - $50,400
Invoice: $39,246 - $46,872

Audi Q5
Base MSRP: $35,900 - $43,900
Invoice: $33,388 - $40,82

Audi TT
Base MSRP: $38,650 - $56,850
Invoice: $35,945 - $52,871

BMW 3 Series Coupe & Convertible
Base MSRP: $38,700 - $60,800
Invoice: $35,605 - $55,935

Buick Enclave
Base MSRP: $38,445 - $47,625
Invoice: $36,523 - $45,244

Cadillac CTS Sedan and CTS Coupe
Base MSRP: $39,095 - $50,190 (sedan)
Invoice: $36,945 - $47,430

Base MSRP: $38,905 - $50,050 (coupe)
Invoice: $36,765 - $46,797

Cadillac XTS
Base MSRP: $44,075 - $60,385
Invoice: $41,651 - $57,064

Infiniti G37 Coupe
Base MSRP: $37,600 - $51,250
Invoice: $34,833 - $40,560

Lexus ES350
Base MSRP: $36,100 - $38,850
Invoice: $33,815 - $36,393

Lexus IS250
Base MSRP: $35,065 - $37,525
Invoice: $32,611 - $34,898

Lexus IS350
Base MSRP: $40,320 - $42,780
Invoice: $37,496 - $39,787

Lincoln MKS
Base MSRP: $42,810 - $49,800
Invoice: $40,241 - $46,812

Volvo S80
Base MSRP: $39,150 - $43,150
Invoice: $36,801 - $40,561

I am sure I missed a bunch of others. What else? :D
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VW CC, Audi A4, Audi A3, BMW 1 series, Cadillac ATS, Acura ILX, etc

Heck the C350 Sport starts at $41,400 and the C300 4Matic starts at $38,950.

But those are ENTRY prices. Add all the packages, options, features and those cars will be up to $50,000 for price.
You have to get the Premium Plus A3 to have the option to get navigation.

The A3 is comparable for specs @ 200hp but it is a hatchback. And most importantly. It is an Audi..

I don't like Audi interiors very much.
Mercedes has changed since 1993. I've worked at a Mercedes dealership and I can tell you the cars have gotten cheaper.
That is not to say the cars are cheap - they are just cheaper compared to before.

But what isn't?

The A5 is pricey once you price it out. I wouldn't say Audis are very reliable. At least not as reliable as Mercedes. This is according to those reliability reports by automotive journalists.
Are German Cars Reliable? The Myth of “German Engineering” | News

Mercedes-Benz only gets a four out of five, which is “Better than most” rating, while Audi and BMW get 3/5 or “About Average.” Volkswagen falls below average with 2/5, what J.D. Power describes as “The Rest.” Porsche is also ranked “Better than most” in J.D. Power’s dependability survey, which give Mercedes-Benz some nice company. It’s important to note that only one car maker had a score of 5/5, and that’s Lexus. Nothing changes in J.D. Power’s Initial Quality rankings. Mercedes and Porsche have 4/5 ratings, BMW and Audi get just 3/5 and VW only achieves 2/5. Lexus tops that ranking as well with a 5/5.
The J.D. Power ratings are based on consumer surveys. Initial Quality is measured after 90 days of a new car’s purchase. Vehicle Dependability Ratings are surveys based on the past 12 months of original owners of three-year old cars.

Personally I believe Mercedes is the most reliable. I've worked at a Mercedes dealership doing apprenticeship for about a year and I'd say their cars are generally reliable. I hear many horror stories about Audis and BMWs.
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Wow. You have had a long list of problems.

So out of curiosity why are you looking at the CLA? Most people in your position run over to Lexus or Infiniti.
Why BMW 3 series over CLA?

Depends which 3 series really.
I know you're lying (or jumping to conclusions) cuz the Lexus and Infiniti have quite the difference in rear backseat space. :eek: I've been in both the Q50 and IS350 as well as the CLA.

The CLA is much tighter compared to the other two (but not as tight as the ATS)
The CLA is tighter but to be honest if you are a big guy.

Neither the Q50 or IS350 is that great. They are all midsized sedans. If you are driving 2+ people around on a regular basis a full sized might be better. Or an SUV..
Well, you're using terms like "great" like, I don't think you're looking at it the right way.

The CLA, Q50, IS350, ATS--they're all in the compact sedan segment and within that segment, you'll find an interestingly large range of backseat dimensions for each.

In my experience, the backseat space and headroom in the Q50 and BMW 3-Series are so good in their SEGMENT that to say they are "not great" is a misnomer. The Lexus IS is not quite as good as the 3-Series and the ATS is not quite as good as the Lexus IS and so on, but they're in the same class.

They're not really midsize sedans and they shouldn't be compared that way. They still meet the criteria of what might be considered compact sedans but some are on the smaller side (ATS, CLA) and some are on the larger side (3-Series, Q50). The larger sized compact sedans, IMO, have very decent room for grown adults.
I agree. I was referring to people who complain about the backseat room in the compact segment and then refer to the midsize sedans as the superior option

In this compact segment none of the options are going to be AMAZING. Some are better than others.

The CLA is probably on the lower side in terms of back seat space. The Q50 is better. I've sat in the back of an IS250 for a 2 day roadtrip before. I did not enjoy it at all. Gets tight back there. Especially if the driver is tall.
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