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What can you buy for around $35k-$45k?

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I just priced out the CLA 4Matic to about $44,000 USD. Most would say "WELL WHY BUY A CLA? THAT PUTS IT IN THE WAY OF MANY OTHER CARS?!"

So let's take a look ;);)

New Cars Priced $35k-$45k in the US Market

Acura TL
Base MSRP: $35,605 - $45,085
Invoice: $33,132 - $41,825

Audi A5
Base MSRP: $37,850 - $45,450
Invoice: $35,201 - $42,269

Audi A6
Base MSRP: $42,200 - $50,400
Invoice: $39,246 - $46,872

Audi Q5
Base MSRP: $35,900 - $43,900
Invoice: $33,388 - $40,82

Audi TT
Base MSRP: $38,650 - $56,850
Invoice: $35,945 - $52,871

BMW 3 Series Coupe & Convertible
Base MSRP: $38,700 - $60,800
Invoice: $35,605 - $55,935

Buick Enclave
Base MSRP: $38,445 - $47,625
Invoice: $36,523 - $45,244

Cadillac CTS Sedan and CTS Coupe
Base MSRP: $39,095 - $50,190 (sedan)
Invoice: $36,945 - $47,430

Base MSRP: $38,905 - $50,050 (coupe)
Invoice: $36,765 - $46,797

Cadillac XTS
Base MSRP: $44,075 - $60,385
Invoice: $41,651 - $57,064

Infiniti G37 Coupe
Base MSRP: $37,600 - $51,250
Invoice: $34,833 - $40,560

Lexus ES350
Base MSRP: $36,100 - $38,850
Invoice: $33,815 - $36,393

Lexus IS250
Base MSRP: $35,065 - $37,525
Invoice: $32,611 - $34,898

Lexus IS350
Base MSRP: $40,320 - $42,780
Invoice: $37,496 - $39,787

Lincoln MKS
Base MSRP: $42,810 - $49,800
Invoice: $40,241 - $46,812

Volvo S80
Base MSRP: $39,150 - $43,150
Invoice: $36,801 - $40,561

I am sure I missed a bunch of others. What else? :D
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My B 200 has not been very good.
I haven't heard many good things about (B Classes), but I also see them everywhere I go, so that must be a good sign, no?

What exact problems have you had with it?
1. sunroof leaked from Day 1; two weeks after we got the car, the inside of the sunroof panels were dripping wet with condensation from the leak. One opening panel was replaced and it stopped leaking. Stained headliner was replaced.

2. front suspension clunks sometimes, sway bar droplinks replaced, noise persists.

3. chrome trim on the ignition switch surround wrinkles up and shrivels, replaced.

4. all sunroof panels in the car crazed (they are made of Makrolon) and were replaced; replacement panels started leaking again. Two repairs to stop the leak have been made and maybe it won't leak any more...?

5. starter motor failed at 84,000 km, replaced under ELW.

6. all 5 doors began to corrode where the door skin is crimped around the inner door frame. Well known problem on several Mercedes models; they stepped up and replaced all 5 doors for free. I rustproofed the new panels myself, to be sure it doesn't happen again.

7. second starter motor failed at 119,000 km, replaced under ELW.

8. Air Conditioning compressor failed (well it still worked but it was constantly growling); replaced under ELW.

9. RF wheel bearing failed at 130,000 km, replaced under ELW.

10. Driveshafts tick occasionally and will probably need replacement under ELW before 160,000 km.

There have been other things with crappy trim etc but these are the main ones. If you add up the retail cost of all these repairs, it would be over $20,000. I paid a couple grand for the ELW and it's the best money I have spent on this car.

I have a 5 speed manual in mine, but the CVT automatic transmissions in the B Class are fragile and usually need repair before 160,000 km, to the tune of $3000 or $10,000 depending upon the type of failure.

Despite the scandalous repair record of my B Class, I would consider buying a CLA or new B Class, but only after the car is 4 years into production, to see if any problems have cropped up.

The "usual" problems with these cars are the CVT, driveshafts, sunroof, starter motors.
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I like the look of the CLA but truth be told, the B 250 is much more suitable for me.

Infiniti and Lexus? I don't fit in the back of either of them (nor would I with the CLA) - plus I hate how they look and drive...I'd never buy either one.
I paid $2400 for the ELW so that's what all of the above cost me.
Ironically I still like the may be settling down into a more reliable pattern soon. I plan to keep it until it dies.

The CVT is not in the CLA or new A or B, which is good. I hope the 7 speed auto is better, it'd be hard to make it worse.
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I won't be getting a CLA, I think. There is a small chance our daughter will want to buy the B 200, and if we sell it to her, we would probably get a new B 250 or BMW 3er, not a CLA 250.
Good guess, we are tall people and headroom is important to us. The B 250 and the new 3er are quite OK for interior room.
OK never mind, I guess my try-outs at the auto show never happened. Lies, all lies! :D
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