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What do you think about the dual exit exhaust / muffler on the Mercedes CLA

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It's a 4 cylinder turbo so we all know it doesn't NEED dual exaust tips but MAN does it look nice.

Can you imagine how the CLA 45 AMG is going to sound?! The CLA 45 AMG exhaust note video clips and sound clips are going to be so sweet once they are available.
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I think it looks nice. It is not the first time ive seen those type of exhaust tips but to keep everything clean and symmetrical its not a bad addition.
The first thing I noticed is how thin those tires are compared to the size of the car.

Probably the thinnest tire on any Benz.
Well the CLA 250 is a front wheel drive car. Unless you get the 4Matic. But for 200hp you don't need very large widths.
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