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What type of oil & how often are you changing?

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Just wondering what others are using and how often are you changing?

I'm using Castrol Synthetic 5W-40 and changed at first one thousand miles and will do again at 10,000 miles
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I was thinkin about changing the oil at 1000 miles too. But dealer said they don't recommend that.. What do you guys think?
I just couldn't think about leaving the oil unchanged for 10,000 miles on a new car, I don't care what the Germans recommend. And who know what kind of oil they put in there, I feel better and the engine idles smoother with the Synthetic oil IMO.
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The same German engineers whose recommendation you don't care for are the same engineers who designed the engine and car you care enough buy. I can understand your concerns about oil changes on a new car if it was years ago but design and manufacturing technologies have progressed to a point where the manufacturers themselves are comfortable with 10,000 mile intervals. Oh BTW, the CLA (as well as other MB models) come with synthetic motor oil and recommends synthetic oil changes.


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And I bet that's what is in the crankcase of the engine from the factory.
That's what you hope anyways, I changed mine to Castrol Synthetic prefer it over Mobil 1. By the way no sticker under my hood -- They must have been out of them that day on the assembly line. :D
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