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What's a reasonable price for used CLA45, 400 miles

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A dealer in the area got a trade in of a CLA45 with only 400 miles, around 64k new. I'm thinking about it. What do you guys think is a reasonable price for this given it is technically new? I've never bought a used car this new.
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Yeah, I checked the build. It all adds up right. The guy basically checked off almost every feature. And yeah, I'm going to check it for dings and crashes and such, especially the suspension in this thing. Also going to ask what the warranty is on this car since its used. I kind of figured for 58k as well as a good price, about 10% off. The other thing I was thinking of dangling is the AMG Driver's Academy. If you get a new AMG they give you the beginner's package for free or $1795 towards a more expensive package. I was actually going to do it, but if I get a used car I wouldn't get that. Maybe use that to knock the price down a bit more.

I was thinking of starting at around 52-53k and working up. Especially since they have been telling me that I am at the top of the queue for my order for a while, meaning I can also use the fact that I know my build is close. And the fact that my build is only 53k, so it's obvious I didn't really want all that stuff (though I will take it at a discount). And I definitely am capable of buying right away with a decent downpayment too which should help grease the wheels some.
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Update. Went there today. Car's in a great condition and since its used they let me test it. As good as I thought. Looks like the original owner got the AMG exhaust and his neighborhood society told him to sell or move. I don't understand since in Eco mode it was quiet. Maybe the idiot is like that Beiber thing who like to drag race on residential roads. But they wanted MSRP. They weren't even willing to knock off the destination charge, which was already paid for by the original owner. So, as you all can guess, I'm still in queue. Still, this whole thing was still worth it just to test drive the car.
They told me that they can't do the MB Certified Pre-Owned on AMGs, but they do say it went through the same inspection. I didn't notice anything wrong with the car. I got to sit in it and look around for about 10 minutes and test drive it for 15, but then again, I couldn't look at the underside and obviously could have missed something. In between purchase and selling the car back we did have a few days of (for us) bad snow that snared traffic pretty bad so for all I know the car may have beached itself on a mound of snow.

But yeah, I was a bit miffed that they wanted MSRP (with destination!) for the car. But I actually bet the car will sell, especially if they allow a dealer trade. There's going to be someone with enough money who is sick of waiting. Oh well. I've already waited this long. So it's not like I've got a burning desire to get it now.
Sorry, I didn't get a VIN. Once they said they wanted MSRP I said no. Like I said, I lose about $3000 worth of value just from buying a used CLA45 over a new, so even $3000 off would not be a good deal, especially a relatively suspicious 400 mile sellback. They did show me the build sheet and I crunched the numbers via Mercedes' website and the CLA45 catalog and it added up. I honestly expected that I would not end up buying the car but it was worth a look at, and worth being able to test drive the CLA45.

On a sidenote Blownaway, are dealers willing to trade for any CLA45's they may have in the showroom. When they first were arriving I would see a few on Edmunds and such but our dealer here said that they wouldn't do trades for them. Granted, I never did contact the dealers that had the cars themselves because they weren't ones I wanted anyways, but I wanted to know in advance in case there was one that did show up somewhere that I wanted.
Well, might as well keep on waiting. I'm at the top of the wait list here, but then I found there's still a "in queue" above that (like being on deck) before they allocate the car. The guy in front of me has an allocation ETA of around May, so who knows, maybe fall for me. Oh well. It's not like I have a need for a new car. It helps to be quite patient. I can't imagine it's going to help now that the CLA250 4Matic production is in full gear now too.
also on a side note, as a dealer I would pay MSRP for that 400 mile car.
I'm sure you can get quite a mark up for the car. There's always someone who can't wait.
These cars are going to be hot for while, becuase of the tuning potential. You start seeing 4-500 HP versions running around and the resale is going to go through the roof.
Do a lot of your buyers plan on modding the car? AMGs never struck me as the type of cars for modders, but then again the CLA45 is more of a "step-up" for a boy racer who has finally learned that they can't drive up to a nice restaurant in a blue Evo making a racket with a 3 foot spoiler on the back. I've seen someone do a CLA45 grey in this really garish red mascara, hideous body kit, and an ugly bolted on spoiler that looks like something you'd find on a Dollar Tree 25 cent toy car. So I guess the boy racer didn't care.
Actually many AMG owners update their cars. The best tuner in my opinion is Renntech. They do an amazing job and piggy back the factory warranty. The CLS has been really popular with the new twin turbo motor.
I wonder why. Personally I think it's a bit of a waste to make AMGs more . . . tuned. I mean, if you're going to you might as well buy a real sports car. Mercedes' weigh too much to be worth spending much on IMO to tune up, and I've never met anyone who owned an AMG who didn't check off 1000 kilos worth of options, which kind of defeats the purpose of tuning a car. Though most people I know who have tuned cars do it either for looks or drag racing, which all you need is a big engine and nothing else. i.e. They are Mustang people, not Evo people.
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