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What's a reasonable price for used CLA45, 400 miles

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A dealer in the area got a trade in of a CLA45 with only 400 miles, around 64k new. I'm thinking about it. What do you guys think is a reasonable price for this given it is technically new? I've never bought a used car this new.
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Since the car has been previousely registered it is technically considered used... and since the dealer most likely used that technicality to pay the 1st owner a used car price for it even with just 400 miles on it, I would say a good price would be around $58K. Of course this is assuming that everything about the car is perfect as if it was brand new with the exception of the 400 miles.
Yeah, if I were you I would just wait a little longer for a new one. There's not a single shred of doubt there. With the "used" one it will always be in the back of your mind if there's anything wrong that will show up later.
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I do not know of any available CLA45s. the cars that show online are autofed from the dealers management system and most if not all of them are already sold prior to them arriving. The dealers stock them in and then they show available until the new owners process the paperwork.
Yeah, my dealer told me they are having 2 delivered but they're both spoken for.
The CLS has been really popular with the new twin turbo motor.
You said CLS. Did you mean the CLA?
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