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What's a reasonable price for used CLA45, 400 miles

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A dealer in the area got a trade in of a CLA45 with only 400 miles, around 64k new. I'm thinking about it. What do you guys think is a reasonable price for this given it is technically new? I've never bought a used car this new.
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Actually many AMG owners update their cars. The best tuner in my opinion is Renntech. They do an amazing job and piggy back the factory warranty. The CLS has been really popular with the new twin turbo motor.
I wonder why. Personally I think it's a bit of a waste to make AMGs more . . . tuned. I mean, if you're going to you might as well buy a real sports car. Mercedes' weigh too much to be worth spending much on IMO to tune up, and I've never met anyone who owned an AMG who didn't check off 1000 kilos worth of options, which kind of defeats the purpose of tuning a car. Though most people I know who have tuned cars do it either for looks or drag racing, which all you need is a big engine and nothing else. i.e. They are Mustang people, not Evo people.
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