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What's your CLA sharing garage space with?

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What will have the pleasure of sharing parking space with your beautiful CLA?

Jag XF here...


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Coupe or Sedan? I miss my Accord Cpe
BenzFan, no doubt, as soon as we take delivery i'll post that pic.

Bartola, You know what they say, happy wife, happy I love the Model S, but hate the mileage range before having to recharge. As the old song says there are miles and miles of I couldn't make it to Dallas without stopping to charge, that's a current show stopper for me that and the $78k optioned out price tag. I'm sure the technology is being created for better mileage tho. Btw didn't know they were making a $45k Gen 3, looks like it's time to research again.

CLAX88X, lucky car! :)
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Gougher, what year and how many CCs is your GSX-R? Congrats on your 8 days!

Zilla, looks like you'll have a garage full or transformers and then one CLAssy ride.

Todd157k, from the looks of your signature, it appears you got a full house over there.
1 - 5 of 31 Posts
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