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What's your CLA sharing garage space with?

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What will have the pleasure of sharing parking space with your beautiful CLA?

Jag XF here...


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I just got a new commuter, it is a 2014 elantra - same MPG as the CLA (I have a long commute, I drive the benz only 2ice a week to keep it looking new and keep the wife happy. I am waiting for Tesla to come up with the 45K gen3 (that or I may get a 2015 CLA-45 if I get itchy fingers... 2017 is a long wait for the Tesla). Oh, and a 2002 MPV used for groceries and long trip with the kids.
Only 4 exist ;)
I thought it was 3

car and driver "Lamborghini Veneno: Just Three of These Will Ever Exist", so having 5 sharing a garage with a CLA is a nice fantasy :)
1 - 2 of 31 Posts
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