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Where are the fog lights?

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My newly arrived US CLA 250 premium, multimedia, non sport package but with xenons, has a dash switch and "on" display icon when switched on, but I can't find nor see any front fog lights, on or off! The rear fog light is working, however.
Are mine alone not functioning? Do all the rest of you guys have them and work?
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you can't see any changes from outside and having someone else hit the button? maybe it's built into the headlight? I haven't played with the cla much so I can't say for sure but my 911's foglight was built into the headlight so when I hit the fogs the lower portion of the headlight lights up
OK, I found it and it's quite lame. I don't know if it's the same for non-Xenon/LED tail light models but on mine when you push the fog light button a little red light on the driver side tail light comes on. It's just to the right of the back-up light. It is not on the passenger side tail light. I don't know what purpose that serves or how it is called a fog light. At the front pushing the fog light button just turns on the headlights. I can't tell the difference between turning them on this way or just simply switching the headlight on using the light switch.
I guessing this is for either..

1. rear fog, as mention above the foggy situations in Europe, many European cars have rear fogs so help other cars see them in dense fog so they don't get rear ended


2. on my older w140 I remember there was an option when you park the car on the side of the street you can put your turn signal "on" as in it's left like you're going to turn right or left, and when the car is off a light will light up on the rear of your car, this is for when cars are parked in narrow streets in Europe and at night to keep people driving by from hitting your car, I don't know if this feature is on newer cars though
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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