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I find that Top Gear (UK) is the best of the two TG programs. However, their criticism or praise is usually very subjective and to their own personal tastes, without fail. I enjoy the show for other reasons, though.
The CLA, to us, is a great design. I believe that any issues seen in MY14 will be addressed and corrected, but a few owners I've spoken with have reported practically nothing wrong, except for one person who experienced an insignificant electronic glitch which was corrected by the dealer. Usually, anyone's first year model in today's world, has more issues than an occasional electronic glitch. A friend has a '13 Passat SEL and has had a lot of computer issues from the GPS to weirdness when using Bluetooth for the phone and shutting off the engine when hanging up the phone with the steering wheel controls. And, our choice, if we were to get a Passat TDI, has more issues with the turbo failing and sometimes taking the engine with it.
And, I've heard of US and Asian mfgrs with major issues for newer models. So, while the occasional glitch can be seen on some Benz models, with the rare lemon, they have far fewer problems than most mfgrs.

As always... YMMV.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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