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Winter is Coming

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Whats everyone doing for Snows? I've always liked Nokians, but no matter. What sort of winters are you running, have you gotten the CLA oil sprayed?

OH BTW to all you southern smart alecks who are going to chime in "we don't get snow" EFFFF LOL :D:D:D
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The dealer in Seattle/Bellevue told me that there really weren't many good options for the 18-inch "run flat" tires in an all-season configuration. Is this correct? Or if you switch to regular tires, are you just crossing your fingers and hoping that you don't go flat (since the CLA 250 doesn't have a spare)?
Just get a patch kit... I never use OEM rims for my winters, I just downsize rim and go to a taller sidewall on steelies. Makes shopping easier and cheaper, the larger the rim the more expensive the tire.
snows... I hate AWD drivers who think that AWD is going to help them stop faster ;) oh and as an FYI to anyone thinking about braving the winter with all seasons... your all seasons turn to hockey pucks below 7 degrees Celsius.. BYE BYE GRIP, even in the dry....
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