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With such a cheap price, is he CLA 250 a Mercedes for the young?

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Starting at just $33,900 the Mercedes CLA 250 is a lot cheaper than what most expect a Mercedes to cost. The low price point combines with great performance, and all the latest technologies (blind-spot monitoring, lane-departure warning, slick infotainment system, back-up camera, etc.) to make a car that is fancy and affordable -- Perfect for young professionals who are looking to join the ranks of Mercedes Benz owners.

Is there something I am overlooking, or is the Benz CLA 250 a great deal for those looking to get themselves their first Mercedes?
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I think at the youngest it will be young professionals just under their mid-20's. At that age some people have good paying jobs that can support buying a $33k car, so I would say it's for a select amount of young people. Definitely not many young people as say a Honda Civic would be.

The CLA is the vehicle a lot of first MB buyers will be buying.
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