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With such a cheap price, is he CLA 250 a Mercedes for the young?

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Starting at just $33,900 the Mercedes CLA 250 is a lot cheaper than what most expect a Mercedes to cost. The low price point combines with great performance, and all the latest technologies (blind-spot monitoring, lane-departure warning, slick infotainment system, back-up camera, etc.) to make a car that is fancy and affordable -- Perfect for young professionals who are looking to join the ranks of Mercedes Benz owners.

Is there something I am overlooking, or is the Benz CLA 250 a great deal for those looking to get themselves their first Mercedes?
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What worries me is will long time Mercedes clients feel a bit cheated? Traditionally to climb into a Mercedes was a professional journey, with your Mercedes signifying its conclusion. Seriously now every entry level paper pusher and full time home depot employee can drive home with the same pedigree in the CLA.

Hugely appealing to the masses but fearfully off putting to Mercedes high margin long term clientele.
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