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With the CLA now on market, the C-Class is being moved upmarket

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The CLA is considered to be a cheaper, better looking version of the c-Class that is almost as large. Now Mercedes is revealing what changes they have made to the C-Class for 2015 that sets it a bit higher above the CLA.

The interior of the new C-Class will have its gear lever moved to the steering column and in its place adds in a giant COMMAND controller. The C-Class will be lower and sleeker, benefiting from the new S-Class' design.

Check out this teaser video and some pictures of the new C-Class' interior.

How do you think the new C-Class will compare to the CLA?

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Some more info on the upcoming C-Class was released today so here is is that info.

It will be lighter with a structure that uses 48% aluminum, and it'll drop 220 pounds to become the lightest in its class.

I will get a new four-link front and five-link rear for "unsurpassed wheel location qualities."

Air suspension with adjustable dampeners. Soft suspension when you want it, and sporty suspension when you want that.


Anybody know what that mouse dohickey does in the interior pictures?
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