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I've had brief conversation with MB Escondido and they seem excited about the idea. I'm planning on purchasing pretty soon here so I might as well get a group purchase going to save a couple thousand.
No word yet on discounts but if I get a few more interested members. I'll continue talks with them.

Here's a copy/paste of the thread I posted in the other CLA forum in which I received no replies:

Hello everyone. I am soon (within the next month or so) planning on purchasing the CLA. I figured it would only benefit me to start this group buy seeing how it could possibly save me a few thousand dollars.

I've talked to my guy at the local dealership (MB Escondido) and he said that it is definitely possible and was actually very excited about the whole idea.

I've only just started the process so I don't know yet what kind of discount we're looking at. Once I have at least 5 serious buyers then I'll talk to him about discounts.

As of right now, to keep your information private until I gather more information about how serious MB Escondido is, please PM me stating that you're interested as well as a description of the CLA that you want (packages, trims, colors, etc...). Also, include whether you want the 250 or the 45, and also whether you're paying cash or financing.

Once we get the ball rolling, I'll ask for more personal information like your contact information and such.

Also, take this with a grain of salt because it could just be a sales tactic but the dealership told me that the CLA will $1-2k more with the new year.
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