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Would you consider buying your next vehicle online?

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Would you shop for a Mercedes-Benz online?

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Mercedes-Benz will be offering its customers in Germany and Poland the option to shop for high-end and high-volume vehicles through an online store. While customers would still be directed to a show room to complete the "final sales administration phase" the amount of time saved by using this process is impressive. This process is also expected to appeal to younger customers who are more comfortable with online shopping, and to aid inner-city show rooms which will no longer have to keep as much stock on hand.

There are pros and cons to vehicle shopping online. Would you consider using an online store to shop for your next vehicle?
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I would buy a brand new vehicle online after test driving one like it and knowing as much as I can about it. No way would I buy a vehicle without a test drive.
Would such a program also be opposed by dealers as well? For one it would take a lot of time for dealers to drive cars to customers houses, and the dealer wouldn't even be guaranteed a sale. I think that the system would only work if there was a charge for it. And who really wants to pay for a test drive?
having to pay for this to your door service is likely, i can see it happening but it will be smart if they don't do it.

yeah if they make it a free service they will get a ton of people that aren't serious about buying a new mercedes, but they can combat that with things like say a.... deposit.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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