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Would you consider buying your next vehicle online?

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Would you shop for a Mercedes-Benz online?

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Mercedes-Benz will be offering its customers in Germany and Poland the option to shop for high-end and high-volume vehicles through an online store. While customers would still be directed to a show room to complete the "final sales administration phase" the amount of time saved by using this process is impressive. This process is also expected to appeal to younger customers who are more comfortable with online shopping, and to aid inner-city show rooms which will no longer have to keep as much stock on hand.

There are pros and cons to vehicle shopping online. Would you consider using an online store to shop for your next vehicle?
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Apparently you will also be able to book test drives at dealerships through the online shopping site. So there is an understanding that people will still need to be in the dealership at points throughout the process. I think the point of the online store is to allow you to do at home a lot of stuff which now you have to go to the dealer for, but you really shouldn't have to.
How cool would it be if i could book a test drive at my house. Click around online and a few days later a Mercedes rep shows up at my door with a CLA and time to kill. Impractical but still would be sweet.
I feel like that would not be cost effective for dealerships, but consumers would definitely appreciate it. Maybe if you had to pay for the test drive...
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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