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WOW! Here is some competition I would not have thought of...

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Wrap your mind around a Mercedes-Benz VS. a Kia...:confused:

2014 Kia Cadenza - Premium Sedan

I had no idea that Kia was moving this far upscale! Not sure how to put these two brands into my cerebral cortex at the same moment...
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Looks like Kia's finally catching up to Hyundai. I never understood how Hyundai improved so much earlier and quicker than Kia given they are the same company. It won't be too long until Kia and Hyundai start really eating into Lexus/Infiniti/Acura sales as those cars inch higher and higher in terms of price. Especially since brand loyalty is kind of fading now. There's a whole generation that is growing up having driven cheap Kias and Hyundais that would like a nice luxury car but know that the Japanese and Germans are out of their price range that would go for the Koreans. And the warranty seals the deal if all you're looking for is a soft sofa with Twitter to go from A to B.
It's all good and nice... but bottom line....... It's a KIA and not a BENZ!
Well it takes time. There was a time when Toyota and something called Datsun was garbage. And there was a time when everyone drooled over an Oldsmobile and Buick and Cadillac.
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1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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