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Due to some customer gave feedback that Xhorse Remote Tester cannot detect IR key normally, engineer specially tested the device to test on 315 (300 Mhz- 320Mhz)/433/433 IR (Benz 433 key IR) keys respectively. Finally, the results proved that the device worked well, the actual reason is that the IR signal of the key to open the trunk is weak. The best way to test the device is to press all key buttons once.

Here is the related test video made by our engineer, please watch it carefully.

Attach the related guide to test key frequency and infrared using XHORSE Remote Tester Radio Frequency (RF) Infrared (IR).

Frequency test range:
Note: It doesn’t support 868Mhz.

How to test the frequency?
Put the remote control close to the Xhorse tester
Press any button on the remote control
The indicator that turns on is the frequency

How to test infrared working or not?
Press the key
The infrared indicator turns on - good, off – bad

Device recommended:
XHORSE Remote Tester for Radio Frequency Infrared (Not support 868MHZ):
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