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Your favorite roadway / road to drive on

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I know all of us live all over the place.. but I'm sure we all have our favorite spot we love to take our cars to and drive on. A road with lots of turns, an open stretch, an unpatrolled road... so I'll kick off this thread with my favorite one.

When I go to visit my friend in Ohio, there's a stretch of the I-90 near Buffalo, New York (west of Rochester) where there's almost no police, it's flat and smooth, and you can take your car up to 85mph (*caution: there are cops there sometimes, but it's rare.. but if they are there, be careful!*)!3d37.0625!3m2!1i1633!2i817!4f13.1

Where is your favorite place to drive?
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One of my favorite roads is Decker Canyon, in the hills north of Malibu, California. The road is composed of extremely technical sharp turns and combinations that make driving it a blast in any vehicle.

The roadway is a bit narrow at times though, so you have to be very careful. Many have died going over the edge! :eek:

And sometimes punk racers cross over the dividing lines, so it can be dangerous. But when the road is clear, it is a blast.
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