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Your favorite roadway / road to drive on

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I know all of us live all over the place.. but I'm sure we all have our favorite spot we love to take our cars to and drive on. A road with lots of turns, an open stretch, an unpatrolled road... so I'll kick off this thread with my favorite one.

When I go to visit my friend in Ohio, there's a stretch of the I-90 near Buffalo, New York (west of Rochester) where there's almost no police, it's flat and smooth, and you can take your car up to 85mph (*caution: there are cops there sometimes, but it's rare.. but if they are there, be careful!*)!3d37.0625!3m2!1i1633!2i817!4f13.1

Where is your favorite place to drive?
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I like the windy road!

I am not a fan of US-1 here in Miami. It's slow, and is always packed. I'd say the nicest drive here is to take the car down near Key Biscayne. You can park near the beach, and there's not usually a lot of cops. Or, you can do the drive west through gator alley and end up on the west side of florida, but it's almost always patrolled by cops.

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