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Your take on the infotainment system

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Seems like this is a real hit or miss with people. I personally like it since it makes the dash's shape look less bulky and the center "stack" less cluttered (on the CLA it is already cluttered enough without a screen in it). But many also consider it tacky and cheap, especially since it looks "stuck on." I'm actually most surprised by my Apple worshiper friends who I thought would like the idea of an iPad on their car. The only thing I don't like about it is that until it becomes more common, I don't like the idea of a big iPad sitting like a satnav on my dash for any would be car thief to see.

I know Mazda and Skoda along with Mercedes is going along with the "stuck on" look. Buick has a halfway big lump attaching the infotainment to the dash where it is on the Merc. Audi and Aston both have versions of a pop up that when up is similar to the Merc. Some Toyotas also have an infotainment that is somewhat similar. So it's not a purely Mercedes thing.

Anyways what are your thoughts?
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I like the infotainment system. I have the Command/Harmon Kardon system from the Premium/Multimedia packages. My only issues the the MB Apps are really slow. My iPhone is much faster so I won't be renewing them after the trial expires. Voice command work well once you learn the right command to speak.
I had my friends ATS for a week and the CUE system in his car was crap, went to a BMW after that and then tried out the CLA's system at a dealer close to me and it's not that bad. Im not complaining.
I have to agree. When looking at the ATS, the biggest drawback/turnoff was the CUE system. It was slow, non-intuitive, just a total fail!.

They should fire the person who decided that the touch sliders are above the raised surfaces and the labeling of the functions is below the raised surfaces.
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