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Your take on the infotainment system

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Seems like this is a real hit or miss with people. I personally like it since it makes the dash's shape look less bulky and the center "stack" less cluttered (on the CLA it is already cluttered enough without a screen in it). But many also consider it tacky and cheap, especially since it looks "stuck on." I'm actually most surprised by my Apple worshiper friends who I thought would like the idea of an iPad on their car. The only thing I don't like about it is that until it becomes more common, I don't like the idea of a big iPad sitting like a satnav on my dash for any would be car thief to see.

I know Mazda and Skoda along with Mercedes is going along with the "stuck on" look. Buick has a halfway big lump attaching the infotainment to the dash where it is on the Merc. Audi and Aston both have versions of a pop up that when up is similar to the Merc. Some Toyotas also have an infotainment that is somewhat similar. So it's not a purely Mercedes thing.

Anyways what are your thoughts?
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I like it.
To Clarify & Bump My Question Above -

This pertains to a car with Premium and MM packages. Does anyone here have a car like that?
Yes, I do.
so whats the answer...
I'll answer that question for certain when I get back home tomorrow. I've been in Canada all week so I don't have access to my car right now.
OK, here's the deal. What ever source of music you're listening to (FM, AM, SAT) using the phone keypad will take you to preset stations for the source you're listening to. So if you've got the Navigation screen on and listening to FM and you want to go to preset #4 but still keep the Navigation on the screen then just push the "4" button on the phone keypad. A brief channel indication will appear in the middle of the Navigation screen.
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